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Zimbali Masters - Individual Stableford

1st Place: Earl Saunders – 39 pts c/i
2nd Place: Craig Pillay – 39 pts c/o
3rd Place: Brian Govender – 38 pts c/i
4th Place: Jeeten Singh – 38 pts c/o
Nearest the Pin: Roberto Marinelli, Nathan Chelladu
1st Place: Annece Winton – 37 pts
2nd Place: Di Beningfield – 36 pts
3rd Place: Nalina Valjee – 35 pts c/i
4th Place: Louise Lubbe – 35 pts c/o
Nearest the Pin: Kayla Saunders
Two Clubs: Nathan Chelladu, Peter Wilson, Alex Loizides, Pat Burgess, Kayla Saunders, Craig Pillay, Blaize McIntosh, Preggie Moodley, Poobalan Pillay, Bruce Griffiths, Kyle McCoy, James Godwin

Friday Meat Competition - Individual Stableford

18 Holes
1st Place: Etienne Olivier – 40 pts
2nd Place: Richard Gafney – 39 pts
3rd Place: Steve Walker – 38 pts
4th Place: Thembinkosi Masinga – 36 pts
Nearest the Pin: Louis Peens
9 Holes / Zimbali Masters Par 3 Challenge:
1st Place: Guy Caminsky – 18 pts
2nd Place: Di Beningfield – 17 pts c/i
3rd Place: Holger Peens – 17 pts c/o
4th Place: Alex Loizides – 17 pts c/o
Nearest the Pin: Earl Saunders

Wednesday Wine School - 07/04/2021

4 Ball Alliance
1st Place: Sheldon Stroebel, Graeme Armstrong, Paul Botha, Shashi Marajh – 93 pts c/i
Individual Stableford
1st Place: Oliver Godwin – 42 pts
2nd Place: Neville Godwin – 39 pts c/i
3rd Place: Barry Beningfield – 39 pts c/o
Captains Prize: Judge Dikgang Moseneke – 18 pts
Nearest the Pin: Steve Phytides, Michael Moore
Two Clubs: Michael Moore, Nolan Chetty, Sheldon Stroebel, Shane Douglas, Steve Phytides, Mark Floyd, Leon Naidoo, Cecil Reddy x 2, Neville Godwin x 2

Saturday, 20/03/2021 – Medal, sponsored by Global Golf

1st Place: Leonard Reuben and Ravi Govender 63 net
2nd Place: Alex Loizides and Paul Barns 63 net c/o
3rd Place: Charmagne Walters and Jenny Aitken 63 net c/o
2 Clubs: Alex Loizides, Graeme Wood, Brad Poliah, Jemima Ullyett, Marjolaine Hewlett, Doug Campbell, SJ Paul Kruger
NTP: Nigel Hurst(Men), Tracy Fick(Women)

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