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Saturday Members Comp - 25th June 2022

Betterball Stableford
1st Place: Greg Taylor and Dan de Bruyn – 43 pts c/i
2nd Place: Vimul Valabjee and Varuna Singh – 43 pts c/o
3rd Place: Greg Marshall and Trevolyn Ouderajh – 42 pts c/i
4th Place: Jian Xu and Jacob Mashike – 42 pts c/o
NTP: Peet Botha(Men), Shalini Singh(Ladies)
Two Clubs: Rishaad Singh, Prinesh Singh, Pregs Naidoo, Dan de Bruyn, Neill Edwards, Etienne Olivier, Mick Moodley, Kevin Ullyett

Friday Meat Competition - Individual Stableford

18 Holes
1st Place: Pat Burgess – 39 pts
2nd Place: Lumkile Mtolo – 38 pts
3rd Place: Graeme Winterbach – 37 pts
4th Place: Louise Lubbe – 36 pts
NTP: Pat Burgess
9 Holes
1st Place: Sebastian Ullyett – 21 pts
2nd Place: Anne Domiro – 20 pts
3rd Place: Varuna Singh – 19 pts c/i
4th Place: Nicholas Kopman – 19 pts c/o
NTP: Mark O’Brien

Wednesday Wine School - 22nd June 2022

4 Ball Alliance
Winners: Diogo Barendse, Fabien Durocher, Tyrone v/d Berg, Cameron Delport – 92 pts
Individual Stableford
1st Place: Alex Loizides – 41 pts
2nd Place: Noah Peens – 40 pts
3rd Place: Holger Peens – 37 pts c/i
NTP: Riaz Rehman(9th), Blanche Lamprecht(14th)
Two Clubs: Tyrone v/d Berg, Hennie Heymans, Blanche Lamprecht, Jonathan George, Marco Phytides x 2

Saturday Members Comp - Zimbali Open/ Individual Medal

Individual Medal
Men A Division
1st Place: Sergio Domiro – 70 net c/i
2nd Place: Holger Peens – 70 net c/o
Men B Division
1st Place: Noah Peens – 66 net
2nd Place: Etienne Olivier – 68 net
Men C Division
1st Place: Bradley Poliah – 76 net
2nd Place: Michael Moore – 78 net
Ladies Gold Division
1st Place: Kayla Saunders – 68 net
2nd Place: Louise L...

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